Using “Hamilton” to teach poetry elements

So, I found an amazing article from the Wall Street Journal that uses an algorithm to visually show the rhyme patterns in “Hamilton” as well as other famous rap and R and B music. It is seriously amazing. It teaches rhyme, perfect rhyme, imperfect rhyme, internal rhyme, assonance, and consonance with more. It is so amazingly cool just for the visual aspect as well as the source material it uses.

So, I used DocentEDU to turn it into a lesson to teach the basics of poetry to students in a super engaging way.

Make a copy of the lesson from this link here and tell me how it engages your students! I know I’ll be using this lesson as an intro to poetry elements to my students next year for sure!

Hamilton article


Best tools for blended learning in the ELA classroom

Check out my presentation below for the tools and tricks I use to run my English/language arts classroom in a blended learning pedagogy.