Taking over the library: a recipe for authentic learning

Today was our last day of our reader’s workshop unit. As I wrote about previously, I arrived in this unit to create a constant sense of authentic audience. This was mainly done in two ways: makerspace reflection videos were posted for all students to see and students knew that their final products of book reviews would be put in the library and on Amazon.

Today we went and took over the library with our book reviews. First, all students wrote their reviews in a Google doc. They then changed the sharing setting so that anyone with the link could view. They then used goo.gl to create short links which were then printed out. Next to the links was the message, “Want to know if this book was good? Read this review from another student here at the school!” We then went and taped these reviews in the inside covers of the books.

Mir was such a great feeling to see my students filling the library with their excitement and anticipation of other students reading their work. They were so excited to know that, not only will their writing be read by someone else, their writing might actually help someone make a decision about a book!

I’ll be posting the reviews to Amazon soon under my account. (I have 6th graders so they can’t do this themselves.) it’s been a great ending to a great unit!


Author: karinhogen

I teach middle school language arts and run an Edtech company, DocentEDU, on the side. Every day is an adventure in my classroom with technology!

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