Social Justice Startups in 8th Grade

So, I posted a little while ago about how I was teaching a unit that is essentially a mini-startup incubator or entrepreneurial unit. I was very excited to start it off, and now we’re almost done with it. It has been a great experience for students and teachers throughout the unit. I thought I’d update a little bit here about how it’s going. When the unit’s over I will post the final products and a final reflection as well as all of my teaching materials.

1: Here’s the outline for the whole project, if you want to take all or parts of it. I will post all my teaching materials when the project is over. 

2: Some of the student ideas of organizations and products are here:

Social justice issue          Product/Service

Equal pay/pay equity   Club for young women to support each other being                                              CEOs.

Local Hunger                 App for grocery stores to donate food to foodshelves

Refugee crisis              Headphones pre-loaded with calming music for                                                      children who have PTSD

Pay Equity                     Ride sharing app for women to get to protests more                                              easily


3: Update on what we’ve done so far

Students have figured out their target markets, written a paper identifying that market segmentation, and have just finished creating their two advertisements for those target markets. They had to make one print ad (most used Canva) and then either a podcast commercial, a TV commercial, or a social media profile.

These next three days they will be presenting their whole marketing campaign to local business people, marketing professionals, and other community members.

Like I said, we I will update later with their final ads, the winners, and my whole gamut of teaching materials.


Author: karinhogen

I teach middle school language arts and run an Edtech company, DocentEDU, on the side. Every day is an adventure in my classroom with technology!

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