Presentation(s) for TIES 2015

So, this year I’ll be presenting both days at the TIES 2015 conference coming up this next Monday and Tuesday. I’m very excited! Last year I was only there for part of one day, and this year I’m super excited to be there both days.

(On a side note, I could only go for my presentation last year and that was it. This wasn’t my choice; on the contrary, I wanted to be there as much as possible. However, my administrator said that a conference that wasn’t chosen by the administration was not something that was a priority. I was only able to leave 45 minutes before my presentation and then have to come back to school. It was a nice change when at my new school, my admin said that it is a privilege to have a colleague who is asked to present at conferences and they would pay for all of it. Such a turn around.)

I’m presenting one long, interactive session regarding how to create interactive Google Docs. My cofounder of DocentEDU is presenting with me. It’ll be a great time.

I’m also privileged to have been asked to present on a panel about teacher innovators with other teachers who have founded companies. This is sponsored by Startup Weekend EDU Twin Cities, which is happening again in February. Here’s the website. I’m actually in the main video on the site since my company, DocentEDU won the last time there was a Startup Weekend EDU here in the cities. I’m going to be a mentor for the participants and I’m very excited.

I’ll be sure to blog more about TIES and Startup Weekend once they happen.


Author: karinhogen

I teach middle school language arts and run an Edtech company, DocentEDU, on the side. Every day is an adventure in my classroom with technology!

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